"Want to learn how to increase your income behind the chair very quickly?"

Your answer to quickly increasing  your income behind the chair by becoming certified in Locket Hair Extensions.  A fast, no hassle, safe extension method that will get clients lining up for this service!
With LHE there is No Glue, No Tape, No Thread, No Damage.
Our FAST solution for hairstylists, transforming clients in a fraction of time.

Learn Locket Hair Extensions (LHE)

"Have you ever considered adding hair extensions to your service menu, but find your schedule too packed with other services? Dive into mastering our streamlined application process at LHE. With cuttable and stackable extensions, the possibilities are endless. Our patent-pending unique weft ensures quick installs, setting LHE apart from other methods. Discover what makes LHE the standout choice and unlock a gateway to numerous opportunities through its transformative capabilities."

Additional Specialty Courses

Locket Academy provides a diverse range of specialty courses that will be added monthly. As a Locket Acedemy Member, you will not just get your LHE Certification but will have  access to many other courses covering topics such as balayage with extensions, specialty color and placement, hair extension cutting and blending techniques, effective business marketing strategies, fast foiling, and much more!

Read. Watch. Learn.

Enhance your expertise conveniently from the comfort of your own home or salon. Locket Academy offers comprehensive online education, assistance, and a supportive community to help you elevate your knowledge. Our goal is to empower you to bring valuable insights back to your business, leading to a rapid increase in profits. We value our members and want each and every Certified stylist to succeed!  Get responses from personal experts from Locket Academy!  Want to share your skills?  Become part of our Locket Academy Education Team and help other hairstylist grow in their knowledge and skills!
Established in 2013, we at Locket Hair Extensions strongly believe that teaching hairstylists not only the technique but also how to grow their extensions business. With LHE added to your service menu, you are guaranteed to see rapid growth in your income.


LHE Method

Will bring your business to the Next Level

No Glue - No Tape - No Mess - No Damage

Our students at Locket Hair Extensions EDU are exposed to different perspectives and experiences throughout their online training.
LHE has launched a learn from home platform called Locket Academy which is not only provides online based training but also a community of support.  We want all of our LHE stylist to know there is a place to go where you will never be left with unanswered questions.
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  Locket Hair Extensions Certification and  Masterclasses are for any skill level, 
taught by our very own CEO & Inventor of LHE. 

What is included in a course?

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  • Masterclass Workbook and Client Forms
  • Access to additional courses
  • Access to our Locket Academy community
  • Instructional workbook 
  • Watch on the go from anywhere
  • New classes added every month

  Get inspired by passionate artists like you

There are lessons taught by LHE experts. Every class focuses on a different topic. The instructions are easy to follow for all levels.

Learn how to SCALE your business behind the chair

New class added every month

For all skill levels.

Step-by-step instructions.

From the world's leading dance artists. 

What is the LHE method?
Can I do these classes online?
Do we offer classes “live”?
Locket Hair Extensions is an online community and business building training platform for hairstylist of any skill level.  Our program offers hairstylists the chance to learn from one of the fastest hair extension methods in the industry
Each LHE stylist will have access to our online community, many free courses, and additional advanced training to grow your business. Our LHE course will include our Master Certification course, as well as additional training to support you as a hairstylist.
Masterclasses are designed to achieve healthy and efficient learning for all skill levels in collaboration with professional hair experts.
Our classes are very diverse and suitable for all kinds of locations.
It's always a good idea to watch the OnlineAssemblé Courses first at home so that you can fully understand all the information and tips so that you can apply them to your next training session.
The classes are recorded videos (not live), so you can watch at your convenience and at your own pace. You are more than welcome just to watch the classes for inspiration.If, however, you would like to actively follow along with a class to do exercises, you can easily do so. You can use our app for on-the-go and in-the-dance-studio learning.

Our team

Who we are

Meet Emi, the driving force and creative mind behind Locket Hair Extensions. With an impressive 24-year journey as a hairstylist working directly with clients, Emi brings a wealth of real-world experience to the table. Having specialized in various hair extension methods for over a decade, Emi noticed a gap in the industry that sparked the birth of the LHE method in 2013.
Locket Hair Extensions wasn't just created for clients; it was born out of Emi's genuine desire to provide hairstylists with a fast and comfortable hair extension option for their clients.  Join Emi on this transformative journey, where every strand tells a story of expertise, innovation, and a genuine commitment to the hairstyling community.

Emi Wheaton - CEO

Upon achieving Locket Hair Extensions Certification, you gain privileged membership access to our expansive online academy. This exclusive platform goes beyond the certification itself, offering a rich array of diverse classes meticulously curated to support and empower beauty professionals. Dive into a world of comprehensive education, abundant resources, and a vibrant community that fosters collaboration and growth. The academy serves as a dynamic hub where beauty professionals can continuously expand their knowledge, refine their skills, and connect with a network of like-minded individuals dedicated to elevating the beauty industry.

Locket Academy

Coco, originally from Northern California, has over a decade of experience in all different methods of hair extensions. In 2020, Coco relocated to Southern California leaving behind her solid clientele.  She was introduced to Locket Hair Extensions and immediately realized she has finally found the solution to creating hair transformations with fast application, comfort, and no damage.   Coco has since then built back up her clientele and is booked out solid for 2 months.  Her passion for the LHE system has brought her to join the Locket Academy as one of our Locket educators.

Coco Zhupikov

Simplest way to online learning

  Download the app

Join our exclusive online learning community for beauty professionals.
  • Watch on your desktop or mobile app
  • Download, watch, and learn from anywhere
  • Instructional workbooks for every class
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