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Online Course

If you have ever thought about offering hair extensions but weren't sure which method would be right for you, this course is includes why LHE stands out from other methods. This course will not only bring you confidence, but will show you how to turn your time into more money!  We are excited to share the secrets of why Locket is the best method for not just stylist, but for your clients as well!  No more dealing with Glue, Tape, or Thread!
  • Masterclass Workbook 
  • Video & Visual Tutorials
  • Placement & Application techniques
  • Profitability Calculator
  • Downloadable Documents
  • Online Community Access
  • Instructional Videos 
  • Step by Step Guide for each module
  • Certification of Completion  & Featured on our website and LHE Stylist Locator Map

In Salon Training & Certification

Transform your salon with our exclusive In-Salon Locket Hair Extensions Course! In just 4 hours, your team will master installation techniques, cutting methods, and business strategies. Each stylist receives a Locket Starter Kit, a downloadable workbook, and certification inclusion. With live demos in your salon, customize your experience with additional stylists or kits at an extra cost. Elevate your salon's expertise and captivate clients with transformative Locket Hair Extensions! Book now for a dynamic learning experience tailored to your team's needs. 💇‍♀️✨
  • Everything included in the Online Course +
  • In person instruction with 1-2 instructors
  • Step by Step application on a Model of your choice 
  • One pack of 16"or 20" LHE for your step by step install.
  • One LHE Starter Kit: Locket Tool Kit, Color Ring, Hair Assistant Tray, Beads, and Client Consent Forms.

One on One (In Person/Zoom)

Unlock the art of transformative hair extensions with our exclusive One-on-One Locket Hair Extensions Training! Immerse yourself in the epitome of comfort, innovation, and quality as you explore the comprehensive course, tailored to your expertise level from basics to advanced techniques. Included is 1 pack of LHE hair, 1 pack of beads, and our exclusive LHE Starter Kit.  Upon completion, receive an industry-recognized certification, setting you apart in the competitive hairstyling market. Our flexible learning approach combines online and hands-on sessions, accommodating your schedule for a personalized and transformative journey. Seize this opportunity to become a certified Locket Hair Extensions expert, elevating your skills and confidence in the dynamic world of beauty. Reserve your spot now for a unique and personalized path to professional growth! 
  • Everything included in the Online Course + 
  • 24/7 Access to the Online Course
  • One on One Training & Certification of Completion 
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S. Lei

"I never thought I would be adding hair extensions to my service menu.  I never thought I would have time in my busy schedule, until I was introduced to LHE.  It's been a complete game changer to my business and I have doubled my income in the first month!"

R. Sommers

"The in-salon training course elevated my skills to new heights, enhancing the overall experience for my clients. Not only have I had a boost in client satisfaction and loyalty.  Locket has connected me with fellow stylists, giving me  continuous growth and support."

J. Anderson

"I had tried every hair extensions method in the industry, and although I loved creating amazing transformations, I would be taking so much time in my day to do extension services.  Now with LHE, I've been able to take my color clients, my Locket clients, and have added many Locket Move-Ups to my daily schedule, literally doubling my profit in one day!"
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In Salon Training?

Engage in a day of immersive learning, guided by seasoned experts, where you'll gain hands-on experience and insider insights. Refine your skills with LHE's signature techniques, seamlessly integrate extensions into your repertoire, and witness the transformative impact on your clients. Join us for an experience designed to elevate not only your artistry but also your entire stylistic approach. At Locket, we are committed to professional growth, hands-on learning, and community-driven success.
“My days behind the chair are crammed so tight I never thought I would have time to offer hair extensions to my clients.  Once I learned the LHE method I realized how simple it was and didn't take as much time as I thought.  In the first month of offering Locket to my clients, I doubled my income!"

N. Binder

Salon Owner/Hairstylist
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"The school has everything that I need for successful study: workbooks, profit calculators, social media marketing strategies, and so much more! experienced, and ready to help at any time."

M. Sanders

"I was struggling finding a good hair extension system that would be something I could offer to clients of all ages, Locket Hair Extensions is exactly what I needed.  Its perfect for for adding a few pieces for fullness or color, to a full transformation!  The Locket Academy was simple but gave me all the info I needed to take my business to the next level!"

T. Harvey

“I received my certificate, and I would like to thank you for your continuous support. The courses were loaded with so much information about Locket but they also offer support on building my clientele.  My instructors were always there supporting me and ready to help."

G. Rangle

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